INCOA LTD – International Company Advisors start up in the 2010 from Salentoinvestments an idea, of Riccardo Varrazza, to support companies from south of Italy

Following the high interest from the centre north regions of Italy, in January 2013, we decide to expand and associate a brand with a more international breath.

In March 2013, the Italian business newspaper, Il Sole 204 Ore, comes across INCOA LTD and write an article, with double mission: Business Internationalization and Italian entrepreneur abroad,

In September 2014 Flaviano Vadda join the INCOA family and begin to develop the real estate sector, while in March 2015 we close the first financial year with already several clients in portfolio.

Up to date INCOA has supported several Italian entrepreneurs in the internationalization, from opening companies and subsidiaries of Italian companies to support in other markets and regions such as the Middle East. Additionally INCOA has served English clients in their research of investment opportunities in Italy and Japanese in their search of Italian products to be used in a Italian restaurant in Tokyo