INCOA Newsletters want give a business insight for entrepreneurs focused on internationalization and on technology. It also aim to provide interesting ideas to entrepreneur. Currently our newsletters use published articles from London newspapers, however in the end it is our aim extending to worldwide newspapers   

INCOA Newsletters

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  The INCOA Newsletter is the first set of newsletters published by us. It is divided in two columns one for UK economy and London, providing information about the general economic status, publication of official statistical figures. The second column instead focus on real estate, and provides useful information for investors interested in London real estate industry.

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INCOA Technology Newsletters

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  This Newsletter provides an inset in today technologies, and in entrepreneurship. Like the previous this newsletter is divided in two columns one for Technology, providing information about the latest technologies adopted by London’s Silicon Roundabout Start-Ups. The second column instead focuses on entrepreneurship, and provides useful information for entrepreneurs.

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