INCOA supports clients by setting the scene in the internationalization of their business. We integrate operations, legal and finance expertise to provide a 360° support during the start-up time. Our start-up packet works in three phases:

  • Business analysis to identify, understand the value of the business, and providing the start-up solution best tailored for the client
  • Operations, legal and accounting support to get the business up and running
  • Post start-up support, by providing advice and support in areas such as employment, transactions, logistic support

Start-up packet is a superb solution for companies and entrepreneurs who want open a company abroad to introduce their products and/or services.



We study the impact our clients have to face and the various problems that have to deal with during internationalization.  We have made the Distribution Packet allowing our clients to access different activities such as: 

  • Market assessment and understanding of barriers and entry costs
  • Access to international markets by setting network of distributors and resellers 
  • Research of distributors resellers or agents 
  • Marketing events organizanization focused on a reduced number of guests
  • Agents relationships and contracts 
  • Due Diligence
  • Identification of potential companies to acquire

Distribution Packet is for those clients who are interested in getting into foreign markets but leaving the responsibility to manage the day to day business to third parties with strong local knowledge.



When we talk about Operations, we mean all the activity, sometime considered secondary, required during the internationalisation phase of the company. At INCOA we assist the clients all throughout this activity:

  • Marketing – Production of advertising material in local language, Organisation of events in strategic and impressive city venues, Market research, Company efficiency (dashboards, scorecards e KPI)
  • Networking – London based networking activity, media networking via Internet industry focused Websites and social media
  • Infrastructure IT – Set up web backbone (Website, email, business google apps, VPN) and telephonic (Number of English telephone with transfer onto given Italian phone)
  • Logistics – Territory analysis, Research of commercial estate, Relationship with real estate agencies, Expat support​

​If neglected the operations can bring wrong steps and decision that could jeopardise the activity of internationalisation